The concept


The ultimate tour across Paris

Team Break and L'Open tour overcome frome the usual Escape Game codes in order to offer you the first Live Itinerant Escape Game in Europe! In a team from 2 to 4 players, get into an inmmersive show at the cross boarder of interactive theater and escape game.

Discover Paris through a fun and interactive adventure !



Pedro and Olga took over Neo Turpo Professor's the time machine. Thanks to it, they have traveled through the ages, and have stolen 5 artefacts from Paris whose value is invaluable.
But these robberies are not without consequence: by upsetting the chronology of events, they have disrupted the temporal flows. If nothing is done to restore the situation, it will soon be the chaos. A Team Break intervention team must go back in time to secure these objects before they are stolen by the evil duo and thus, to prevent this temporal paradox from happening.
Alas, its effects have already manifested itself: we are already living, at this very moment, in an alternative version of History where these objects have disappeared for a long time, without leaving any trace. In other words, we do not even know what objects we need to recover!
We still have one hope: you. Under the command of Neo Turpo Professor in person, you and the all Team Break team will take a seat on the Open Tour bus, which has been specially transformed into a time machine. On board this machine, it is up to you to cross the centuries and to question the great figures of the History in order to identify the 5 Temporal Relics stolen by the infamous Pedro and Olga. You have 120 minutes before it's too late!

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